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Started by PsuFan, July 01, 2016, 03:12:13 PM

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Version v0.100 will be coming out sometime today or this weekend, sorry v1 doesn't come after v0.99! I feel a little guilty that these changes actually come from my development of a new level and not liking the programming.... Should make a better setup for everyone none the less. This new version affects the way fireballs are addressed and fixes some over allocation issues that caused fireballs to freeze (as some of you have noticed).

Quote from: v0.100 Changelog
- Increased max fireballs to 100 from 75.
- Address fireballs on a "first created" basis. Fireballs interacting with each other when directly next to each other causes the wrong fireball to move first, causing it to go the wrong way. v0.100 moves fireballs on order of creation (on level load that's top to bottom, left to right). I'm going to have to look at v1 to possibly move the proper fireball first, and then so on. Which will cause fireballs to move in any order so that they do so properly (man this is complicated...).
- Fixed issue causing fireballs to get maxed out when spawning from a cloner and a fireball already present at the spawn location.

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Will this be running separately from our old levels or will they all be changed and need to be updated in case some of the "glitches" that we used to make levels work no longer apply?


This update is live and applies to all levels. I'm not aware of any levels purposely overloading fireballs to get them to freeze in order to win a level, but yes, if there are any, they will need to be fixed because they probably wont work anymore. There may also be a few levels were the fireballs dont track the same way, causing them to be un-winnable. But I expect this to be extremely rare.
You have the power to make every day better.