Game Instructions

Name Description Picture
Main Character This is you
Goal Get to this to go to the next level
Empty Square This allows anything to move here
Wall This allows nothing to move here
Chip The main objective of the game is to collect these
Chip Block You are only able to unlock this when all the chips are collected
Keys Collect these to open doors of the same color
Key Doors You can only open this if you have a key of the same color
Fire & Boots You can only step on fire with boots
Water & Flippers You can only swim in water with flippers
Ice & Skates You slide on ice unless you have skates
Force & Suction These force you to go a direction, unless you have the suction boots
Theif This steals all of your boots
Key Theif This steals all of your keys
Dirt Once you step on dirt, it goes away so anything can move here
Gravel This is a safe hideout from monsters
Push Block You can push these one at a time to make a bridge or divert monsters. If you push this into the water it will form dirt.
Recessed Wall This turns into a normal wall once you stand on it
Teleport Transports you to another teleport with the opposite direction open. Finds next teleport in reading order
Blue Wall Some are fake, some are not, you will have to push on them to tell
Toggle Squares & Green Button The green button toggles these blocks opened and closed
Trap & Brown Button Objects get stuck here unless something is on the button
Cloner & Red Button The object on top of the cloner gets cloned when something steps on the red button
Purple Button Turns elements into other elements
Fire Sticks & Fire Button Turns fire to sticks and vice versa
Water Button Turns water to dirt and vice versa
Force Button Rotates the force square tiles in a clockwise direction
Fireball Watch out for these, they turn right when hitting an obstacle

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