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Save Level Passwords

Started by PsuFan, March 04, 2013, 09:52:24 PM

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Please save your level passwords by Friday 3/8. I have to move the level progress storage location. Sorry & Thanks.
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The levels WE FINISH or the onesWE MAKE?
What's your level 24 password? Please?


The ones you finish. I don't give away my last level password. If you would like help on a specific level, please search the question  board or ask a question there.
You have the power to make every day better.


Well, will we lose our levels, & have to make them all over again? :(


No. See, the issue is that the upcoming update is going to follow different procedures for saving the passwords of levels that you, personally, have completed. This will only affect the game in a very minor way. The passwords act as a sort of bookmark and WebCC automatically bookmarks the page—or level, in this case—in a place that will be inaccessible now.

This means, if you want to keep your bookmarks, you have to write down the page numbers—passwords in this case.
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Will it be enough that we have saved the password for the highest level we've finished in each pack and be able to access the others through "previous level"?


Yes, the current state of WebCC allows you to access all prior levels without a password.
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